• Sharing the gift of health.

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Welcome to the family.

Nothing will ever happen if you don't break your bad habits and step up. No one can help you but yourself, but we are happy to share our family's secret to metabolic health with you!

Our Products

Our Happi Lab Kombuchas are handmade and fermented to perfection right in our own house to keep quality to a maximum. They are all guaranteed to be fermented to the utmost standards to help absorb all of the benefits kombucha may offer to our body. Available in 12 flavors, 4 of which are alcohol-infused; Original, Lemon Ginger, Blackberry Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Purple Guyabano, Pineapple Basil, Calamansi Mint, Moscow Mule, Triple Berry Mojito, Whiskey Sour Cocktail, and Strawberry Vodka.

Our potions are a powdered mix of Indian herbs and spices that have the potential to offer different benefits to our overall health. These ingredients vary between Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger Powder, Garlic Powder, and so much more.


"I've been taking the Happi Morning Potion for a month now. First na nagchange sakin yung cravings ko, di na ako nag crave ng sweets and pizza even PMS days na and it really lessened yung intake ko ng matatmis. Love the product!"

– @knakiknows94

"This drink energizes me every morning! I love the taste and the aroma, even my husband loves it. Less sugar cravings too and makes me full longer."

– @honellee

"I've been drinking it for a week now. The week leading up to my period, I am in awe of the results. Mild to no cramps at all! This is a breakthrough for me because I always get really bad cramps to the point that I wont be able to report to work, stuck in bed all day."

– @erikakei

Wow will try this! Haha i’ve been drinking the potion for a week now, and I agree that it lessens sugar cravings! I super love coffee, but I can now miss my sweet coffee first thing in the morning! but reason I bought the potion is to help with my pcos, will observe the effects further!

Lara Casalme

After a week, I noticed I don't wake up with bad colds anymore though I still sneeze. I have regular bowel movement now. And I don't have severe depressive episodes, though it's hard to say the potion really helped since i'm in a place where I don't have triggers, but for overall results I really believe the potion helped. I don't have much cravings with sweets too, haven't had sugar/sweets for a week now. And on top of my skincare, my skin looks really good right now. Some acne pops up, but it's not so bad compared to before. I hope the potion really helps with acne. I'm happy with this immunity booster potion and can't wait to try the happi morning potion.