Welcome to the Happi Fam!

Meet Our Founder

Angely Dub is the Entrepreneur behind Happi Lab.

She is a free-spirited soul who values wellness, and who aspires to share the gift of health to others through the Ayurveda practices she grew up with.

  • Our Mission

    We intend to make our vision a reality by making Ayurvedic products accessible to Filipinos in terms of pricing, the scope of delivery, and the ingredients used. 

  • Our Vision

    We envision ourselves to be the go-to Ayurvedic health and wellness brand for Filipinos nationwide.

  • Our Purpose

    Our goal is to bring awareness to what people consume and to help them believe in the power of natural ingredients, spices, Ayurvedic wellness, and fermentation.

Our Roots

Change always begins from the inside, and nothing will ever happen if you don’t break bad habits and step up. But the road to forming healthy habits can be a tough one, which is why we’re here to help.

From our trips across South Asia, we picked up a few Ayurvedic practices and recipes and we’ve refined them over the years. Our family’s recipes have always been safeguarded, but now, we’re sharing a few of them with everyone, and we couldn’t be more excited to build this community with you.